The Mailsorting Exercise

As preparation for this group assessment, we ask you to provide a solution for a business problem. During the group assessment, we will continue to work on this exercise together with other candidates. You can find the exercise in the attachment.


A huge amount of emails is received on a daily base via “”. Sorting these and forwarding them to the proper department is a time-consuming and boring job. Therefore you are appointed as the functional analyst of the team that will create a small program to sort and delete these emails.

We want you to analyze below requirements and create:

  • A schematic representation of the program using an UML activity diagram (using
  • You are expected to document more detail, open questions and assumptions in addition to the diagram as part of your analysis (in or in a document you can print).

Based on your diagram and additional notes you should be able to communicate your program flow and details to the client and the development team.

  • The program should be triggered on a list of emails
  • Each of the emails in the list should be sorted:
    • Emails containing the text “CV” should be forwarded to “”
    • Emails containing the text “Promo” or “advertising” should be forwarded to “ ”
    • Emails containing the text “proposal” should be forwarded to “ ”
    • Emails not belonging to any of the previous categories should be forwarded to “
  • After an email has been forwarded, the email can be deleted
  • After sorting the entire list of emails, the following information should be printed on screen (# represents the amount of emails sent)
      • We have sorted # mails:
        • # to recruitment
        • # to spam
        • # to sales
        • # to reception
  • At the end of the day it should be possible to print the same piece of text as above but for the entire day.