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.Net Trainer

Team Switchfully; That’s us, a bunch of enthusiastic ambitious “doers” who help build the story we believe in; retrain passionate IT rookies into extraordinary IT heroes. With our small autonomous team, we realize the dream of many: a career as a software developer or analyst.



Switchfully is an initiative of Cegeka. We have been organizing hands-on retraining programs for software developers or functional analysts for 4 years now. In this way we have already been able to offer more than 200 candidates the career switch of their lives. We organize these courses for various companies or governments where our highly motivated retraining students start their new career after their training!


We are a small team of six motivated trainers/recruiters/business developers. Together we are fully responsible for the organization of our reskilling tracks. Each of us is involved in the selection of candidates, the training and personal follow-up. Everyone within the team therefore fulfills different roles and assists where necessary! The glue within the team is the shared vision of retraining and the unconditional involvement with both our candidates and the employers.


Several times a year we organize a campaign to attract motivated candidates. From the influx of this campaign, we go through an intensive selection process in search of the top talents who are completely ready for their career switch.

Your role?

To give training

Together with one of the other trainers, you are responsible to coach our students in the domain of .Net software development. You will guide on their journey to become junior full-stack developers. The bigger picture: we want them to be able to code a restful web API that allows CRUD operations, connected to a database and accompanied by a basic frontend made in either Angular or React.

If we zoom in some more, this can be broken down in following modules:

  • Programming fundamentals + Object Oriented Programming principles
  • Advanced topics (more complex datastructures, Test Driven Design, Clean Code, lambdas, generics, Linc, …)
  • Enterprise Development (dependency management with NuGet, ASP .net Core, Rest Services)
  • Databases (Postgres, .net Persistence API, …)
  • Frontend (Angular or React, depending on the employers)
  • Working in an Agile software team, SCRUM and eXtreme Programming

This means you will have to be experienced in these topics (don’t worry if you don’t feel like you master all of them yet). Ideally, this experience was gained from working in a software team. We want you to have adequate technical knowledge as well as being able to convey this knowledge to students.

To coach

Starting a new career can be an exciting event and we notice many of our students have lot of questions and require some guidance during their reskilling track. In addition we like to challenge and inspire every student on an individual level. Get ready to further develop your coaching skills.

To further develop our training

The world of software development is constantly evolving. It’s mandatory to keep yourself up-to-date and to translate these new skills and insights into our training methodology and material.

To participate in the selection

Each year we meet many candidates willing to make the Switch, while we only have a limited number of open positions. As a trainer we participate in the selection process by supporting our recruitment team (interviews, group assessments, …).

Onboarding with Christoph

Christoph? That’s me! Your coach during your first months.

Together with the entire team of trainers, I’ll make sure you get to know our way of working, our training material, the tools we use, our training philosophy, …

During your first weeks/months, someone on the team will co-teach with you or prepare your lessons, exercises, and projects, … with you. Even after these first weeks/months, we like to be in front of the class as a team of trainers.

See you soon!

The advantages

  • You work from home or from BeCentral, a vibrant digital campus in Brussels Central Station

  • You enjoy a lot of autonomy.

  • You sign a permanent contract with Cegeka.

  • Including company car with fuel card Or mobility budget.

  • You will receive an attractive gross salary and a fixed expense allowance.

  • Tailor-made remuneration thanks to our Flex Reward plan.

  • Flexible working hours and a good work/life balance.

  • Meal vouchers and group and hospitalization insurance.

Do you need more info?

Kept scrolling, did you? Maybe you’re searching for some more information? If that’s the case, just get in touch. Reach out to us with any questions you might still have. We’re happy to reply!