Today we kicked off a new reskilling track for junior full stack developers.

Oh, how did we miss the informal moments at the coffee machine!
After several remote-only trainings, we are very happy the 7 new recruites from Colruyt & NN will join us again regulary in our BeCentral office.

Team picture in open air

Happy faces on the first day of the Switchfully training

Post-covid learning

Learning new skills and growing as an IT professional is a daunting task. It requires a safe space (both on-site and online) where you can make mistakes without repercutions. In classical Switchfully-style, learning is not just an individual responsibility, but a team activity. The two coaches, Christoph and Tim, started this team process outside with `Getting-to-know-you games`.

In the post-covid era, the new way of working is and will remain hybrid, and this is also how we will organize our reskilling trainings from now on. Today we walked the talk by presenting the first theory session [Version control with Git] from our digital Zoom office.

Zoom picture of the team during the first presentation


At Switchfully, we value feedback. It helps our students grow. But it also helps Switchfully to improve constantly.
During the first ‘corona’ training, our client Colruyt pushed us to refine our daily student follow-up in a remote context. And today, NN is nudging us to explore new technological boundaries. (We’ll write more about this in later blogposts)

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