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ACSL is an International IT Services Company specializing in providing and managing global IT supply, and technical services. They help to manage and coordinate multi-national procurement of technology assets and related technical support services via a global network of Tier 1 IT suppliers.

They have a very nice, renovated office environment with plenty of space for all their staff. They truly care about their employees and have a very human/personal approach towards their staff. Their company culture is based on trust which comes with a high degree of flexibility (flexible working hours, working from-home policy,…). Besides that, they also have a very flat structure and don’t like too strict hierarchy and formalities.

In terms of projects, they all work together on an extensive web-based cloud platform. This platform consists of several services that are hosted on AWS. Their customers, partners, and colleagues use this web platform on a daily basis.

You will be working in a small, multicultural team of 8 developers.
Examples of things you’ll be working on:
– Extending our API for connecting more customers via B2B
– Developing a new service that we can charge to our customers
– Migrating one of our modules to our new tech stack
– Writing code for a new KPI report

  • Antwerpen

  • Java developers


The ACV strives for equal opportunities with respect for diversity and a good balance between men and women, of different ages and cultural backgrounds. That is why we invite everyone to apply for this vacancy.

Within the ACV, the Business and IT Solutions department integrates the IT Service and the Quality Service into a department that, develops its own software tailored to our organizations. As a result, the ACV can continue to provide the best service to our more than 1.6 million members. By working on just and fair solutions, representing collective and individual files, paying unemployment, offering appropriate help during the corona pandemic, and providing all kinds of assistance.

You can contribute to one of the following applications:

  • The digitization of union premiums
  • E-services
  • The automation of managing unemployment files
  • The business is very broad

You will end up in an agile environment that consists of functional analysts, developers with many learning and growing opportunities.

You can count on flexible working hours, the possibility of teleworking, and a harmonious balance between work and private life with Extra-legal benefits such as group insurance, meal vouchers, hospitalization insurance, intervention in internet and mobile charges are also part of the remuneration package

But we are more than that. A pioneering role in sustainability? Check! A stable company? An attractive employer? Check! And this also for functional analysts? Yes, of course!

  • Brussels

  • Functional analysts

Atlas Copco

“Did you know that the solutions we develop are a key part of most industries? Electronics, medical research, renewable energy, food production, infrastructure and many more.“

We´re everywhere! Working with us means working with the latest technologies and groundbreaking, sustainable innovations. With our inclusive and caring environment, you get the support and inspiration you need to grow.

Here, your ideas are embraced, and you never stop learning. Interested in being part of our team?

Join us on our journey for a better tomorrow.

Diverse by nature and inclusive by choice
Bright ideas come from all of us. The more unique perspectives we embrace, the more innovative we are. Together we build a culture where difference is valued and we share a deep sense of purpose and belonging.”

  • Antwerp

  • Functional analysts


Because we believe that happy people are the driving force behind any successful business, by combining data from our services, social secretariat and prevention & protection, we give our clients broader insights for successful HR & Well-being policies.

DOTS is an online platform that brings HR and Well-being together, fosters smooth collaboration across all departments in a company and provides the insights employers need to determine targeted actions. “In the development of DOTS, the employee was always at the center and remains the focal point” at Attentia.In terms of tools, the DOTS platform is the beating heart of Attentia! It is a SaaS platform that pursues a new and modern way of working for our clients in the field of their HR and well-being policy.

To support the development and further expansion of the system, we are looking for additional .NET Developers. In this role within our product teams, you will be jointly responsible for the evolution and maintenance of the products used both internally and externally.

In a nutshell:

With a solid background and passion in .NET development, as a developer you will participate in the further future of DOTS.

Is the programming bug in your blood….
…then we are counting on you to work with the team to form the core for the realization and elaboration of our tools and digital solutions!

Our complex .NET environment and front-end applications offer you the opportunity to take on THE software development challenge. At Attentia, our agile way of working allows you to permanently expand your knowledge in an organization where you are surrounded by great colleagues who are looking forward to learning from you!

What’s in it for you?
– A job with many contacts with all stakeholders within our organization
– Possibility to participate in various projects
– You will be part of the “engine” of our organization
– The opportunity to work in a challenging, dynamic environment
– Good financial conditions
– Professional recognition
– Hybrid working environment with a lot of flexibility and trust
– Autonomy and freedom within a close and warm team of colleagues

  • Ghent

  • .Net developers

BNP Paribas Fortis

BNP Paribas Fortis aims to be a sustainable, socially responsible, and future-oriented bank.
As a software developer, you will work with your team to design, develop and maintain interesting software apps. You identify and correct bugs, and you launch new functionalities. Together, you are responsible for code quality, organization, and automation. You will end up in an agile environment with many learning opportunities, where the values ​​of respect and knowledge sharing are highly valued.

  • Building and maintaining
    • All individual or professional customer journeys of our Web and mobile applications, covering all banking products
    • The core securities supporting and handling systems of the bank
    • Products, services, processes and supporting applications related to accounts, cards, cash and ATM
  • Serving different support entities of our Bank, such as Finance, Facility, Communications, Human Resources, and Legal
  • Fostering interactions between colleagues and clients through solutions built with the best technologies: an API to expose, a web portal for a client and/or colleagues, a dev. Kit or an Infra as a service
  • Brussels

  • Java developers

Cegeka – Social Impact

At Cegeka you choose to work for the Social Impact division, one of the departments within the Applications division. Here you work in a team on one of the many applications with a social impact in Flanders (Ventouris, Payments Child and Family, Loonmotor Acerta, …). Within the Applications division, continuous learning and the agile mindset are highly valued. This results in many learning opportunities (internal hackathons, training, reading groups, and sandboxes).

What will you do with us?

  • You will develop complex and challenging business applications. You will do this with the latest tools and technologies.
  • Based on the functional analysis, you perform hands-on design and software development.
  • You will ensure good integration with external applications.
  • You are a member of a passionate agile team that consists of functional analysts, developers and an agile project leader (scrum master).
  • You actively share your knowledge and ensure continuous improvement.
  • The applications you build are of good quality and generate extra business value for our customers.
  • You write high-quality, easy-to-read code and refactor where necessary. You guarantee quality through test-driven development and continuous learning.
  • Hasselt or Leuven

  • Java developers, functional analysts

Cegeka – Smart Industries

Do you want to be part of our fast-growing division, Smart Industries? They are looking for a Functional Analyst to join their teams in Ghent. Realizing a technical solution tailored to our customers is what drives you. You ask the right questions, choose the right tools and above all ensure a quality, maintainable result.  You are part of an agile team. You enjoy working with your colleagues to deliver value. You have an affinity with the IMU sector (Industry, Manufacturing, Utility) and want to contribute to the further growth of a young division with extremely large growth potential.

  • You will be working in a growing and ambitious division where you will have an impact on its success.
  • You will help develop challenging applications in the IMU sector – using the latest tools and technologies.
  • As a Functional Analyst, you form the bridge between the customer and the team.
  • You analyze the customer’s needs and have experience with carrying out analyses, testing, and working with Agile methods.
  • Together with the business, you follow up on the backlog.
  • You closely work together in an international Cegeka team consisting of developers and a project leader.
  • You actively share knowledge within and outside your team.
  • You ensure that the described functionalities are implemented correctly.
  • You help shape the‘ definition of ready’ and you make sure the team respects it.
  • You are part of a community where learning, knowledge sharing, and personal growth are central.
  • Ghent

  • Functional analysts

Colruyt Group

At Colruyt Group we work on our mission every day: creating sustainable added value together. And we do this just that little bit differently. You will notice how different working at Colruyt Group feels every day in your job. Whichever one it is, wherever you work with us.

As a Java developer, you will be introduced to the ins and outs of retail: you will be involved in IT projects for one of the many domains within Colruyt Group. And that is more than just the shops: Logistics? E-Commerce? Finance? Purchasing? Energy? Marketing? Name it, we have it.

Here, 1700 IT colleagues work daily on solutions for new ideas or existing needs within the group. Sometimes very simple and pragmatic, sometimes original and state of the art. You too can be one of them: you will work in teams on projects, with one goal in mind: building applications that really matter, that you can be proud of and that the users can use smoothly.

And it doesn’t stop there: together with your team, you support the full lifecycle of the applications: you build, test, debug, fix and tweak. You do what is necessary so that the users can get the most out of it every day. We provide an up-to-date technological environment and a context in which you can grow as a person… and as a developer!

  • Halle, Haasrode, Deinze

  • Java developers

Egov Select

Egov vzw was founded in 2001 to fill vacancies for ICT professionals in the federal government quickly and competently. Today Egov Select employs more than 650 ICT personnel in 25 federal government departments and institutions. At every moment of their career, we guide these ICT professionals in their development and in the creation of a career path that is in line with their talent and ambitions.

Thanks to the collaboration with Switchfully, you can start your new career in various public services (Economy, Finance, Mobility and Transport, Immigration,…)

What can you expect?

  • In an ICT function for the government, you build the future. You work on innovative projects for a better service to citizens and businesses.
  • Choosing a career with the Federal Government means choosing for a challenge. You will work in an innovative environment on progressive solutions with social added value.
  • We offer a competitive salary and ample training and development opportunities.
  • Extra-legal benefits such as free home-to-work travel, group insurance, meal vouchers and hospitalization insurance are also part of the remuneration package.
  • You can count on flexible working hours, the possibility of working part-time and teleworking, and a harmonious balance between work and private life.

Egov Select maintains equal opportunities for everyone. Age, skin color, gender, religious conviction, or handicap play no role in the evaluation of your competencies.  As an employee of Egov Select, you are seconded to one of our members and participate fully in the HR policy of that federal government department. You endorse the values and identity of the department or institution where you work.

Good to know: all federal government services in Brussels are easily accessible by public transport.

  • Brussels

  • Java developers, functional analysts

SPF Economie/FOD Economie

The FPS Economy tries every day to get to know the Belgian and international economic market better in order to be able to support and protect the economic actors. The different aspects of the economic landscape are many and varied.

Today the Federal Public Service for the Economy has 1,800 employees at the service of consumers and companies. As a software developer, you will join the staff department responsible for ICT and the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE).

Together with 170 IT colleagues, as a Java developer, you are either jointly responsible for the development and maintenance of one of the many varied FPS applications, or you work on the challenging project behind the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.

Working on the FPS applications
The Java team is responsible for the development and maintenance of FPS applications such as energy, economic regulation, quality and safety, economic control, etc. The applications developed are highly varied and of varying sizes. Depending on the size of the project, a developer can be part of a team consisting of a few people or he can carry out a project almost on his own. Depending on successive assignments and experience, the developer may evolve into different roles during the implementation of projects. The team consists of about ten experienced Java developers who can guide and assist developers in the development of back-end and/or front-end web applications.

Contributing to the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises
KBO is the authentic source of business data. It collects basic data on companies in a computerized way and distributes it to various government services. KBO (Java technology) is still in full expansion. Every month, about 11 new administrations connect to the KBO. In order to meet the needs of existing and new customers, projects are constantly being launched with the aim of adding new functionalities to the existing systems. All these applications are analyzed and grouped in the form of releases, which take place 3 to 4 times a year.

  • Brussels

  • Java developers

SPF Finances/FOD Financiën

SPF Finances/FOD Financiën is the biggest government agency in Belgium, an organisation with countless functions in many different areas. The ICT department is responsible for services and applications that make the work of colleagues easier and the administration of civilians straight-forward.

Do you want to contribute to a fair collection of taxes in Belgium? Do you want to improve Tax-on-Web? Or build applications to make the collection of debt more efficient and make declarations to customs easier?

The ICT department assures support for all other departments at SPF Finances from infrastructure, to software and specific applications. In collaboration with other administrations we investigate which new services are needed and which services need improvements. Software developers, testers and functional analysts work together in small multidisciplinary teams.

  • Brussels

  • Java developers, functional analysts

SPF Mobilité/FOD Mobiliteit

Making Belgian mobility safer, more efficient and more sustainable is what we at the FPS Mobility and Transport work on every day. Whether it concerns roads, railways, air traffic or shipping, we work together. Passionately, with a great deal of professional knowledge and in a pleasant working atmosphere. We do not only help our country, but you also get all the confidence and freedom you need to grow. As an individual and as a team. That is how we push Belgium and ourselves forward.

Every day, our 1050 employees dedicate themselves to better, safer and more sustainable mobility. For example…

  • … we carry out safety checks on aircraft and ships.
  • … we analyse all mobility data in order to provide well-founded advice for a sustainable mobility policy.
  • … we make plans for the road traffic of tomorrow. Our ambition? Zero traffic deaths, zero serious injuries and zero emissions.
  • … we supervise construction, renovation and infrastructure works in Brussels together with Beliris.
  • … we develop and maintain applications in rapidly changing fields such as aviation, drones, shipping, road transport and sustainable mobility.
  • Brussels

  • Java developers

SPF Santé publique/FOD Volksgezondheid

Our employees are proud to do their bit for the health of everyone. With us, you can really make a difference by contributing to policy changes in the areas of health, a safe food chain and the environment, all in line with our vision.

You will have a varied job that matches your capabilities and competences. Our organization offers a wide range of opportunities, so there is bound to be a job that appeals to you.

The IT department consists of two services:

  • One service responsible for operations and the service desk
  • One service responsible for innovation and development (this is where you would start)

There is a lot of exchange and you can easily move from one team to another. At the moment, there is a lot of work and challenges in the area of the environment. As a functional analyst, you will contribute to one of the following projects:

  • Digital office project: digitizing all mail in a digital flow (including digital signing)
  • Mandatory vaccination of healthcare staff: follow-up, sending mails, status of vaccination, etc.
  • Company that wants to have its product recognized: can submit a request online and this will be dealt with completely digitally.
  • E-commerce: looking for prohibited products, …
  • 200+ projects open!
  • Brussels

  • Functional analysts


At Liantis, one of the largest social secretariats, you will join a software development team that works according to the agile method. You will then end up in one of these larger release trains (teams) that are responsible for the many applications that they offer externally (to customers) or internally. Their customers are companies and the self-employed.

Depending on your team, you can contribute to one of the following applications:

  • cafeteria plan,
  • employee self-service,
  • My Well-being,
  • employee passport

As a technology stack, they have a fairly modern tech stack: Java, Sprint, Angular (importance of clean code and TDD).

  • Brugge

  • Java developers

NN Insurance

At NN Belgium, we know that everyone strives for a long and happy life, no matter how different and unique we are. That’s why we help our customers, brokers, partners, but also our colleagues to take care of what matters most to them.

You Matter
We are very aware that your job is a big part of your life. So we make it our business to ensure that you feel happy at work and in your job. To shape this mission, our activities are based on our values: Care, Clear and Commit. They offer us something to hold on to, bring us together and inspire us.

The Job

Tech and innovation are the heart and engine of our company. Within NN Belgium, we work with 230 IT colleagues on the solutions that our customers and brokers use every day. We aim to look at the future instead of working in the past. From the transition to the Microsoft Azure platform to the construction of a new app or other products. We are not hindered by outdated techniques and systems and speak the latest programming languages.

You will enter the domain that helps to realize and shape the future of NN Belgium. There is no lack of challenge in this job, there are no well-trodden paths here because you help build the path that we are going to take. We work strongly agile-driven, which means that a lot of responsibility lies with the scrum teams and with yourself.

Do you want to work in an authentic and committed way? Giving the best of yourself within our IT landscape, with fresh ideas and a drive to take initiative? Then we are looking for you: someone who finds our values logical and evident and who wants to make a difference with his/her unique personality. So be yourself. We appreciate that at NN Belgium!

  • Brussels

  • Java developers


The health insurance fund is committed to the health and well-being of everyone. Every day we strive for accessible and affordable health insurance. We do this with an extensive network of offices, high-quality services, a strong home care service, enthusiastic socio-cultural associations, etc., and with a strong commitment.

The IT department of the National Federation of Socialist Mutual Health Insurance Funds consists of about 200 IT professionals who develop applications for all the affiliated health insurance funds, their counters (800), and internal services, spread all over Belgium. These applications are used by more than 3,500 people and enable around 4 million transactions every day.

  • Brussels

  • .Net developers, functional analysts

PSA International

PSA is a leading port group and trusted partner to cargo stakeholders. With flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp, PSA’s global network encompasses over 50 locations in 26 countries around the world.

Their values are:

  • Committed to excellence
  • Dedicated to costumers
  • Focused on people
  • Integrated globally

They offer a unique opportunity to develop and apply your cutting-edge knowledge and passion for technology that will transform automation in the transport and logistics industry. As an IT Functional Analyst with PSA, you will be part of the community of engineering practitioners across the company, where we develop the foundations of our future business towards terminal automation.

Learning opportunities are also highly valued at PSA. You are able to follow talent programs, onboarding programs, and access to online courses on LinkedIn and Udemy.

  • Antwerp

  • Functional analysts


Just that bit different

Yes, we sell insurance. And yes, we have targets. Great jobs and careers are also important to us. But at P&V Group, we see it all in a slightly different light. Why is that? Because we are a Belgian cooperative. Driven by human values, not by profit.

As an analyst you will start in the IT department responsible for the delivery of software in function of efficient insurance applications for both:

  • Internal use: file managers and administrative services
  • External use: brokers, agents, end customers

For the ‘Employee Benefits’ team, they are still looking for an analyst. The team consists of an operational manager, a scrum master, functional analysts, analyst developers and test analysts. The team is responsible for

  • Projects (responding to market trends, remaining competitive, innovation projects)
  • Service management (smaller improvement projects on existing applications)
  • Run (recurring assignments and possible improvements as a result of production issues)

As a functional analyst, you will make an analysis on the basis of business requirements, in which efficiency and user-friendliness are central. Based on your analysis, the analyst developer will deliver a working application. You check the results to make sure that they work correctly.

You will be supervised by an experienced employee (coach), during which you will gradually become familiar with the 3 aspects mentioned above and the applications.

  • Antwerp

  • Functional analysts


At PwC, we are proud of our teams, culture and workplace.

It’s not just about technology, it’s about new ways to creatively solve problems,
create unique experiences and accelerate business growth. We are a community of makers. Our goal is to bring together the perspectives of Business, technology and user experience to build winning products in the digital age where innovation is driven by the combination of creativity and curiosity. There is much more we want to build and so much we can improve.

In fact, there are also a host of benefits within our company that you can look forward to and that we value highly:
– flexible working hours with Work@PwC
– Infinitive learning and growth: ample opportunities to learn every day and exciting career paths
– Rewards that matter to you: a flexible compensation plan gives you access to a wide range of benefits
– Diversity: We believe diversity makes PwC stronger.
– A sustainable mobility offering: We offer a wide range of sustainable mobility options.
– Wellness: A comprehensive health program with access to an online wellness platform, courses, workshops, …
– International PwC network: wide access to industry expertise
– Support at every stage of life, including Teddy Care

In addition to these benefits, there are also unique projects in different sectors such as investment funds, statutory audits of financial statements and digital transformation for manufacturing companies.

  • Diegem

  • .Net developers


They are a key player in the social security system and have a dual mission:

First and foremost, they ensure that all insured individuals, regardless of their circumstances, have actual access to the high-quality healthcare they need and are reimbursed for it. This healthcare must be effective and provided at the agreed-upon rates.

Additionally, they also ensure that insured individuals, both employees and self-employed, receive adequate replacement income in case of disability or during maternity/paternity leave. RIZIV-INAMI guarantees that they are given real opportunities for reintegration after a period of incapacity for work.

The role of public social security institutions is to ensure optimal social protection for the citizens of our country, through:

  • The collection and allocation of premiums (for both self-employed and employees)
  • The disbursement of social benefits (including unemployment benefits, child allowances, grants, etc.)
  • The management of various branches of social security
  • The principle of solidarity in replacement income
  • Brussels
  • .Net developers, functional analysts


RSVZ aspires to be the knowledge and expertise center for the social protection of self-employed entrepreneurs. They serve as a bridge to the social insurance funds and other stakeholders.

Their values are:

  • Customer orientation
  • Objectivity
  • A human-centered vision
  • Partnerships
  • An innovative, efficient, and transparent attitude
  • The development and empowerment of all their employees
  • A sustainable mindset

The RSVZ is engaged in various impactful projects with societal added value. For instance, they are working on a renewal of the pension system. Additionally, they have a platform for the social security of self-employed individuals in Belgium. Here, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that the customer journey of self-employed individuals is optimal, enabling them to efficiently manage their affairs to become self-employed. Furthermore, the RSVZ has an application for the inspection department, allowing users to manage files (e.g., uploading photos and videos, modifying data, etc.).

  • Brussels

  • .Net developers


At Smals you will help build complex ICT services that will play a role in the entire society. They provide training, specialization and career paths in both application development and ICT infrastructure. You will become part of one of their software teams that use modern technologies like for example Spring Boot. Each team also works according to the Agile methodology.

You will work on several projects that have a strong focus on societal matters. Some examples of this are:

  • Providing a major positive impact on the deferral of social security contributions for affected employers during the corona crisis. They ensured that employers could easily find the necessary information and help, without overloading the RSZ contact center
  • Lowering threshold through online registration for donation of organs, cells and tissue: Smals has ensured that you can register online as an organ donor completely yourself.
  • New barometer maps concerning poverty in Belgium
  • Knowledge management in the fight against social fraud
  • Planning, approval and reporting for Defense training activities
  • Brussels
  • Java developers, functional analysts


TUC-Rail aims to distinguish itself as a reliable partner in Railway Infrastructure Projects by utilizing innovative technology. They form a lean team called Technology And Methods (TNM) that develops and manages technology and methods in collaboration with the company. The role involves being a member of a team of 10 analysts within a unit of 60 people.

The tasks encompass gathering and translating business requirements, process analysis, model development, solution implementation, collaboration with stakeholders and technical teams, test definition and monitoring, and documentation.

Specific projects include the automated generation based on designs, digitization of construction site activities, and enhanced modeling through smart objects.

  • Brussels
  • Functional analysts

UZ Brussel

With almost 450,000 patient contacts each year and more than 3,700 people working around the clock to provide everyone with the appropriate treatment, the extensive ICT team is our technological backbone.

As an ICT employee, you help ensure that doctors, nurses, and paramedics have access to the most modern and high-tech systems for the best possible care. At the same time, we surround patients with applications, portals, and mobile applications, and we improve their care process.

Our electronic patient file, Primuz, is developed and managed entirely in-house. This application not only provides our doctors and nurses with indispensable data about all their patients – the tool can also link, exchange, and reuse all that data in function of new diagnostic techniques. In other words, IT in function of optimal medical support.

Within the ICT department of the UZ Brussel, we work with the newest technologies (expert systems, workflow mechanisms, multi-tier architectures, mobile applications, telematics, etc.) and through our relationship with the VUB, we regularly participate in innovative research projects.

Would you like to be part of this enthusiastic team that is responsible for application development and management, the development of modern infrastructure, and the support of end-users? Do you really want to contribute to better medical and administrative processes in a leading hospital, and thus make a difference for our employees and – even more important – for the patients? Then this job is for you!

  • Jette (Brussels)

  • Java developers

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