A new start

On September 3, our new students started their 4-month journey to become professional software developers.  We’ve used the summer months to reinvent ourselves: Same same but different!

A new concept

Until now, we’ve trained and coached a group of motivated soon-to-be junior developers for one specific client. Integrating several junior developers into your software teams requires a decent-sized IT department. In order to serve some smaller organizations, we’ve introduced our mixed class: Several students from different organizations learning together and cross-pollinating each other.

A new language

After successfully training people to become junior Java developers, we designed and started our .NET trajectory. Our soon-to-be junior developers will be introduced to the world of C#,  a back-end in ASP.NET Core, Microsoft SQL Server as database and a front-end written in in Angular. This means not only new students in the classroom, but also new trainer-developers!

A new location

We’ve moved! We needed a central location to organize our four-month training trajectories and we found one: BeCentralBeCentral is a new digital campus located in Brussels Central Station, with a mission: Closing the digital skills gap.  Moving here was a no-brainer for us; the mission, the location, the presence of other code school, like-minded people, ….

Best of luck to our students and trainer-developers!






Do you need more info?

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