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Receive a contract from Smals and get trained as a functional analyst by Switchfully.
Sounds amazing? That’s because it is!



Would you like to contribute to ambitious IT projects? Are you ready for an intensive challenge?
Then our Functional Analysis track is made for you! With this project, we are targeting enthusiasts who want to make the switch to IT as a functional analyst, without having the necessary training or experience for this.

Convince us of your motivation to get selected! Once selected, you will become employed as a functional analyst at Smals. Your new career will start with an intensive training of a month, transforming you into a junior functional analyst.

Send in your resume

Get selected

Sign a new contract

Get trained

Start working at Smals

For whom?

You don’t have to be an analyst yet, we will make one out of you. Dreaming of a career as a functional analyst? Then this might be something for you!

However, you have to be sure you want to make the career switch into the world of IT and software development and have taken some prior steps in projects about digitization to prove this.

Do you have a passion for IT, a good set of brains, the will to work hard and eager to learn? Do you speak fluently English and Dutch/French? Great, then you are exactly what we need.

  • Eager to learn and very motivated

  • Communicative and analytical strong

  • Mature and professional.

  • Not afraid of a technical challenge

Send in your application

The selection procedure starts the moment you send in your application. To apply, you will have to send us your up-to-date resume and a motivation letter explaining why you want to become a professional functional analyst.

Phone screening

During an (optional) short phone call, we will get to know each other for the first time. Here you have the opportunity to ask us any questions you might already have.

Analytical test

We will invite you to take an online analytical test. The test will measure your reasoning and learning ability. It will allow us to objectively evaluate your analytical skill-set since quick analytical reasoning is a requirement for our track.

Face-to-face interview

During this conversation, we get to know you even better. Most of all we are interested in your story, your motivation and your passion and how these make you the ideal candidate.

Group assessment

Working as a functional analyst is a real team sport, therefore we are looking for real team players. During the group assessment, we will challenge you for half a day. Convince us by your added value in the group, not by rivalry.

Employer interview

Now that you have convinced us that you are a real teamplayer, it’s time to convince your future employer. Besides that, you also get a chance to ask the employer all of your questions.

Sign your contract

The cherry on the cake and the start of your new career: your new contract. You’ll sign a permanent contract with your future employer.

Your future employer: Smals

Smals, one of the biggest IT companies in Belgium, will become your new employer. During the selection process, we will look at what it makes that you want to work for them. When both parties are convinced of each other, they will offer you a contract.

Upcoming tracks

May class of Smals – Functional Analysis
  • Class date: 13th of May

  • Techniques: High-level analysis, Requirements gathering, …

  • Requirements: Fluent in Dutch or French, obtained Master degree


Together with other equally motivated individuals, you will be trained into a professional functional analyst. The training lasts one month, and takes place right above Brussels Central Station. Given by experienced functional analysts, you will be taught how to translate the user needs into functionalities, combined with best practices in a hands-on approach.

Learn to conduct a high level analysis

Gather and document the user requirements

Develop your technical skills

Cultivate the mindset of – and become – a true T-shaped profile

Do you need more info?

Kept scrolling, did you? Maybe you’re searching for some more information? If that’s the case, just get in touch. Reach out to us with any questions you might still have. We’re happy to reply!