Congratulations on being selected for
the Switchfully .Net track!

Just like Neo from the Matrix, you are the chosen one! Congratulations! We are very excited – and can’t wait – to transform you into a passionate software developer. Hopefully, so are you! The start is still some time away, but we already have some assignments into which you can put your teeth ๐Ÿค“.

Assignments, Part 1: Tools

We will create a Slack account for you, but we need you to create a GitHub account. On our Slack Workspace you can already meet your classmates and ask for help on completing the other assignments. By using GitHub, we will be able to track your work and progress (among other things). Both tools will also be used throughout the training.

What is Slack?

Join GitHub

Assignments, Part 2: Courses

Your technical background might be higher or lower than those of other candidates, that’s perfectly fine. To minimize that gap, we highly recommend – and strongly encourage you – to complete the courses listed below before the start of the training. The more effort you put into these courses – the smoother your start will be. For some, these courses will be nothing more than a repetition. Others will have to work harder to complete them. Stuck? A simple question? Ask (help) on our Slack (and no, this time, it’s not a test ๐Ÿ˜‡).

Git Crash Course

HTML5 & CSS3 Course

HTML5 & CSS3 Project

C# Introduction Course

SQL Introduction Course

So, you completed the assignments?

Great, good job! That’s all you have to do. Do make sure to upload (push) your work to your GitHub account’s repositories (shouldn’t you have done so already). We will see you soon! In the meantime, you can stay connected with us and the other candidates through Slack.