Having trouble to attract new
software developers?

Are you experiencing difficulties attracting new software developers? Struggling to meet the internal staffing needs? Maybe even to such an extent that it's limiting your company's growth? If so, then we believe we have the ideal solution for your problem.

A solution?
Switchfully - Do you fit the profile

Your own junior
software developers

Here at Switchfully, we set out to explore and discover motivated individuals who have a great mindset and are ready for a career switch. We then retrain these individuals in one of our officially recognized and battle-proven training tracks to become junior software developers. Your junior software developers to be precise.

Great, but how?
Employed by you from day one.
Prepared for enterprise software development.
Trained in best practices and craftsmanship.
An eager, motivated and professional mindset.
An asset to every agile software team.

1. Campaigning

Switchfully actively sets up campaigns - in many different ways - throughout the year to discover motivated individuals who are eager to make a career switch into the field of software development. This produces a large, high quality inflow of potential candidates. We focus on mature, professional and analytical profiles who have a great set of soft skills. Their missing technical skills, we will train.


2. Selecting

We perform an intensive screening in order to select a group of eager and motivated candidates with all the right qualities to become a junior software developer. Our selection procedure consists of 8 different steps of which we take full control. For a candidate who successfully passed the selection procedure, a meet & hire interview with you (as our client) is set up. Afterwards, you can choose to offer the candidate an employment contract. After accepting, the candidate will join and participate in the training.


3. Training

During a very intensive 4 month period - of which 3 are organized each year - the participants are trained on a daily basis to become full stack junior software developers. Our software developer trainers are true crafts(wo)men with active professional experience. The training itself follows a very hands-on approach and consists of self-crafted material in either Java (8+) or .NET Core combined with TypeScript & Angular.


4. Coaching

Throughout the training, the participants are coached and guided on a regular basis. Self-evaluations are held on fixed moments during the training. We focus heavily on the successful integration of the participants in their future teams as well. Individual follow-up meetings are organized afterwards to track and facilitate their progress.

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