Launch your new career
as a software developer!

Bits and bytes in your blood? Ready for a career switch to the most interesting industry of today and tomorrow? Eager and motivated?

Yes! But how?

An opportunity

On one side, there's this industry with a huge shortage of software developers. On the other side there's you, someones who is passionate about IT and software development, ready to fill that gap. See the match? We do. But what's that you say? Don't have the right education? Doesn't matter. Do you have passion and the will to work? That's what we need!


An application

We organize multiple training tracks throughout the year. Ready to apply for one? Great, just send in your CV and something to demonstrate your motivation: a motivation letter, a hobby project or something else. After applying, we will contact you.


A selection

To become a participant of our training track, passing our selection procedure is required. In several steps we validate whether or not you fit the profile. However, don't stress, it's a personal and positive experience. Oh, and did we mention you will be fully employed from day one of the training track by one of our clients?


A software developer

After being selected and employed, we will train and transform you into a junior software developer. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be extremely interesting? Double yes! After 4 months you will integrate with one of the existing teams of your new employer. Your exciting new career as a software developer has started. To infinity and beyond!

Switchfully - Do you fit the profile

Do you fit
the profile?

You don't have to be a software developer yet, we'll make one out of you. However, you do need to be passionate about IT and / or software development. You do need to be motivated and truly want to make the career switch into software development.

How do I apply?
Bitten by the programming microbe.
Ready for a career switch.
Mature and professional.
Analytical and eager to learn.

Apply now

Throughout the year, multiple training tracks are organised. Every training track has its own campaign website containing all the relevant details. Explore, make your selection and send in your application. Good luck!

Track Voyager
Full stack track: SEPT 2020

Clients (mixed): coming soon!
Registration start: Spring 2020
Start of training: September 2020


Track Voyager
Full stack track: FEB 2020

Clients (mixed): Fod Economie (Egov Select), Colruyt group, Departement Cultuur, Jeugd & Media, Cegeka!
Registration start: 16 September 2019
Start of training: February 2020

Track JavaFIN
Full stack track: Java@FIN

Client: EGOV Select (FPS Finance)
Application deadline: 14 April 2019
Start of training: September 2019


Java Academy
Full stack track: Java Academy 2019

Client: CM (Christian Mutuality)
Application deadline: 9 March 2019
Start of training: September 2019


Do you need more info?

Kept scrolling, did you? Maybe you're searching for some more information? If that's the case, just get in touch. An e-mail or a phone call, just reach out to us with any questions you might still have. We're happy to reply!

Make sure to stay updated!

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